Why Invest in
Self Storage Units?


Many investors would like to own a self storage facility, but to own a facility requires (in many cases) a large amount of money. The storage facility investment is typically located at one location. StorageVest.com offers the investor a way to spread/diversify the investment in the self storage industry to many locations.

StorageVest.com is a conduit that connects potential investors (that are interested in the Self Storage industry) with self storage facility sellers. StorageVest.com gives you an opportunity to own a part or more of a self storage facility with a geographic spread that the investor may desire. An investor can choose (1 or 100 or more) self storage units in various locations spreading and diversifying their investment.

The interested investor should ask the listing Realtor or related selling party, all of the questions regarding the self storage facility. As in any investment, all financial information should be available and transparent to the investors. The overall structure of the transactions may have different variations. The investor(s) will typically own a percentage of the facility; that includes expenses and profit. This is your chance to take action to be part of an untapped market. The next step is yours. Register free now ...

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